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Jay Fox CarneyI am delighted to welcome you to my website where I invite you to browse through my collection of historical maps and documents.

From an early age I was fascinated by history. I suppose like every young person history’s attraction lay in the romantic and the adventurous as I imagined myself engaged in chivalrous, daring deeds and so on. As I grew older, and with my own experiences of life, history began to have a deeper significance for me. The stories I was told as a boy became more real as I became aware of the impact history had, and is having, on my life and on all our lives. As a keen observer of people I am interested in other’s opinion of history. I find it amusing to observe the views of those who condemn past events and the people involved. Those same observers, with a little more knowledge and more insight, would perhaps, empathise with those they condemn.

I believe that guilt is a static emotion; responsibility is the first step to liberation. Attributing blame often justifies revenge, aggression and leaves little room for accurate accountability, reconciliation and growth. A biased view of history can feed complacency, racism, bigotry, anti-semitism and laziness.

As I continue to discover and understand the complex motivations of our forebears and the circumstances they encountered, I endeavour to keep an open mind and resist the temptation to draw conclusions that may be patronising or unjust. I strive to communicate that continuing, open dialogue in my observations and discussions around our history.

I believe that the documenting and retelling of history should not depend on what could have, would have or should have.

One thing is for sure we will never run out of history, they are making more of it every day! But inevitably we each see what we need or want to see.

Tours truly,

The issue that Might is right is in itself a misleading observation. You won’t be mighty for long if you haven’t the majority with you and the balance of right.

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